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Hill view is a secure grated society that is the perfect bi-product of both utility and beauty in just one place.

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“Luxury , Resting In the Lap of Nature”

Royal nest is a 21st-century real estate masterpiece of opulent apartments/flats featuring state of a art setting, which is fully equipped to suit your needs from a lively and refreshing environment to a place where all your amenities surround you for your convenience. Our gold standard homes are exclusively tailored to fabricate wellness, luxury, nature, and ecological sustainability in just one place, to make living here, a majestic experience for you. We have been in a continuous phase of evolving ourselves and raising the bar of our standards, to carve a niche in the evolving market, with the range of our super luxury and nature-friendly homes that have been constructed as per the gold standards of luxury apartments, that complements your opulent taste for finesse.

The brand Royal Nest is a futuristic real estate brand that is arduously trying its best in curating ecologically sustainable and luxury homes, which are known internationally for their vision, exclusive choice of place, and infrastructures. Each of our properties has been built keeping the ambiance in consideration the sanctity and tranquillity of the nearby areas.The homes have been designed and built keeping it in the proximity of mother nature as only twenty-five percent area has been chosen for the homes and the rest 75 per cent is left untouched, to keep the essence of nature untouched. The luxury properties are unfurled in the close acquiescence of mother nature,Royal Nest has scrupulously selected its property areas, keeping all the needs of its future inhabitant in view. Moreover,  by simply being here, you always choose to wake up to the chirping of birds and relish lush green mountains with a cup of coffee,  by just sitting in your hill view home.

Each of our properties is a contemporary and ecologically sustainable flat that offers a bespoke experience that allows its future dwellers to have a sense of openness in our ultra-spacious flats to relish not only the inside peace but the outside tranquillity as well. One can always soak itself in the fresh rays of sun in balconies on a winter day and can choose to raise a toast with kith and kins on a summer evening in mellowed summers. The majestic hill- view through our opulent homes is itself a view to feast on, which makes every day an occasion.

Our homes have been thoughtfully designed with easy access to the lift, scenery and even the mode of natural ventilation is taken care of, so as to lower the consumption of electrical appliances and to be able to make it environmentally sustainable.   All the properties of Royal Nest are a proper congregation of experienced and seasoned civil engineers who had already tried their hands at the most successful projects across the globe. The team of Royal Nest has taken a clear charge of sustainability, affordability, luxury, and comfort while painting the big picture of a home for our future clients . We as a brand have successfully bloomed up both in the market of Delhi -NCR  and J&K, where the visionary approach of our brand has been holistically appreciated in the market and by its buyers as well.

With a slew of sustainability and eco-friendly features like solar heating and solar panels, we have managed to add a extra edge to our luxury homes and do our part for making it more future-ready. Moreover, We have tried our level best in artfully scheming the future requirements of the upcoming generation, by striking a perfect amalgamation of luxury , affordability, and a perfect habitat to return to.


Each of our property is perfect balance of commitment , innovation and excellence to bring an unbelievelable legacy of homes which can leave impressions of its excellence in the following generations .   Being just 30  minutes drive from the cities major spots like railway station , airport and malls, Sapphire is situated in Sainik Colony which is encapsulated  by lush green forests and is being touched by the commercially growing  side of the city as well  .Our sapphire homes have been exclusively designed for our buyers who appreciates to be in the congenial environment of commercial growth. Moreover, this place is safe haven for the people who are usually on the move, as this is just three km away from the bypass highway and 3 and a half km away from the airport as well. Sapphire is also an archetypal specimen of a  modern society that rests in nature despite being at just a stone’s throw from the crowded part of the city.

Hill view –ensconced in the picturesque scenery of trikuta Hills .

Hill view is a secure grated society that is the perfect bi-product of both utility and beauty in just one place. The property is nestled in the heart of the forest where the chaos of the city goes untouched. It is surrounded by a complete package of all your needs to make every moment of your life comfortable even in the far-fetched venues, with absolutely no compromises in the state-of-the-art security.

The apartments are only curated with the most exquisite and fine material that adorns your apartment with the gift of long life . The unmatched quality of the concrete material is itself the evidence of its clear and futuristic approach. The premium designs of the apartments are itself proof of the combined efforts of both the finest material and the most seasoned experts.

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